Natural Curls. Next-level Confidence.

Natural Curls. Next-level Confidence.

Natural Curls. Next-level Confidence.

Natural Curls. Next-level Confidence.

Natural Curls. Next-level Confidence.

Hydrating curly hair care created by a true curl expert!

Get ready to fall in love with our high performance formulas, bursting with quality organic ingredients that work. Handpicked by a true curl expert, our ingredients are selected for the superior hydration necessary for curly hair health. With the long-lasting efficacy of our naturally curly hair range you’re free to indulge in an intentional hair practice, or simply just wash and go. Whatever your ritual, you’ll feel as fresh as the waves, curls and coils you are in. The search is over.

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  • You have curls that love to move! With our signature 'hydration hold' you are supported and free

  • How important is hydration for your waves, curls and coils? It's the secret ingredient, the key to curl confidence, and we’d even say the unicorn of curl care! It’s maybe what your hair has been missing, until now.  Acting to quench curls and seal in moisture,

  • protecting your curl pattern from dryness that leaves it vulnerable to breakages and frizz. This combination of organic ingredients work together to activate your curl pattern and hold it in place like a protective hug. We love our signature hydration hold, and we think you will too!

Hairdressers, this is for you!

The Crown Curly course teaches hairdressers how to understand curls, not just cut them. With our 5 in-depth video modules, you will have complete confidence cutting and styling ALL types of curls. You are about to increase your income, your market appeal, and your customer satisfaction.

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  • The Amazing Crown Curly course completely transformed my approach to curly hair! I now have a deep understanding of curls, and my cutting and care techniques have significantly improved. This course is a must for every hairdresser wanting to excel with curly hair.

    Liz Tok hair
  • Wow! Crown Curly the course, game changer, I now have an understanding for curls, techniques to cut them flawlessly, and the best practices for maintenance. It's a must for any hairdresser passionate about curly hair!

    Rachel Tok hair
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Meet Helen, our Founder and a committed curl expert

Texture is my speciality. I am passionate about curls, coils, waves & even kinks! It's all about learning what works best for your curls and treating them with natural, hydrating products.

From years of training and decades of experience, I've got the knowledge you need to make you curly confident. Curly hair is not a passing trend but here to stay, in all its glory and natural form.

Come with me on the Crown Curly journey and let your curls bounce into action!

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Good for your hair. Good for you. Good for the planet.

Did we mention our genderless formulas are natural, vegan and cruelty-free? We assure you there's no harsh alcohols, silicones or synthetics. We are proud of our thoughtfully chosen ingredients. We believe in mindful manufacturing and are proudly Australian made, the Crown Curly way.

We can be positive to the planet and create happy hair

  • Organic Ingredients

    Organic only! No silicones or nasty extras. Just organic, active ingredients that your tresses will soak up with love!

  • Sustainable

    100% recyclable packaging and a thoughtful manufacturing process, we are taking control of our waste and are committed to minimising our environmental impact.

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

    Our plant based promise — we guarantee our high performing natural formulas are cruelty free, suitable for vegans, and only ever tested on us (and our curls.)

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