Easy ways to be more Sustainable - from a Curly Hair Specialist

Easy ways to be more Sustainable - from a Curly Hair Specialist

One of my passions in life (besides being a curly hair specialist) is living sustainably. I'm grateful that my passions have collided, and I believe that together we are the change-makers in cultivating better curls. You are already doing great things by being here. Keeping your curls healthy and hydrated with our natural products made thoughtfully right here in Melbourne! Thank you for being here. As the year gets away from us, I thought it was time to check in. And I wondered if you needed the same?

These are my commitments to sustainability as a curly hair specialist:

✔️ Developing a refillable, sustainable, natural curly hair product range. Made here, in a small family-run lab in Melbourne, fulfilling my needs to give back to the community we live in.

✔️ Partnering with organisations that act as stewards of our planet. Taking control of our waste, committed to minimising our environmental impact. Treading lightly on our planet.  

✔️ Helping fellow hairdressers develop a thriving business, incorporating practical mindfulness. Because you deserve a full and fruitful life focusing on what they do best. 

Small sustainable steps you can take today:

✔️ Put your money where your heart is— it's time to vote with your dollars. Not just with your hair products, but by seeking out brands that walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk. We partner with sustainable salons to help make salon waste history, think hair booms made from hair collected from the salon floor that soak up oil spills on land and at sea. Ask your hairdresser if they have heard of them, or ask them how they are making their own steps towards sustainability.

✔️ Hard-to-recycle? It's great that we are trying our best when it comes to recycling, but what about the things that are just a little too-hard-basket?  The good news is you can refill your Crown Curly or send them back to by post (save 5+ then pop them in the post). If you're finding it hard to recycle your empties have you heard of Terracycle? Between their many recycle programs and in store recycling initiatives, they are truly making it easier.

✔️ Be mindful and take a minute. Stop and think before you buy something new- could you make a meal out of what you’ve already got in your fridge? Could you create a new outfit/room makeover by going thrifting? Could you grow your own? Starting small and being mindful can make a difference- don't underestimate what we can achieve together!

So I wonder if you have a minute to stop and have a think? Do you need a reminder? Can you take a minute to think about the small things we can do to take a step closer to sustainability success? Each little thing we do can add up to make an impact.

I wanted to ask you what you do for yourself?

As a curly hair specialist and a sustainability warrior, I've made one of my goals to spread the word when it comes to cultivating better curls. I'd love if you could help me on my mission? Do you have a hairdresser friend or a local hair stylist who you think just has to know about what we are doing at Crown Curly? My online course is almost ready for its relaunch. In the course I: 

✔️ bring together years of knowledge and experience in one online curly hair cutting course

✔️ understand the strains and stresses of running your own business

✔️ share my tested methods to achieve sustainability in your salon and how to incorporate mindfulness strategies to safeguard yourself

If this is something you’d like to share with your hairdresser, and they purchase the course, I’ll send you a complimentary ‘re-set’ bundle as a thank you!  


Designed by Curly Hair Specialist Helen Thomson, make a mindful moment while cultivating better curls. You have curls that love to move, with our signature 'hydration hold' you are supported and free: curls liberated. Shop now at Crown Curly.