7 Curly Hair Myths Debunked by a Curly Hair Specialist

7 Curly Hair Myths Debunked by a Curly Hair Specialist

So let's get started with the top 7 curly myths from a curly hair specialist, and our founder, Helen Thomson. Let’s get myth busting!

When you have been working with curly clients for as long as I have, you get to hear all of ‘the rules’ you are ‘supposed’ to follow if you have curly hair. As a curly hair specialist, I am qualified to tell you at Crown Curly we’d like to smash some of those rules right now and let you enjoy your curls the way nature intended: free and as unique as you!

💥 You need to tame, control or weigh down your curls

No! You have curls that love to move, with our signature 'hydration hold' you are supported and free. Quite simply you don’t need to control your curls, but you may need to hydrate it and use products that will keep it in its best health to allow your hair to shine. Your products don't have to be heavy to hydrate. Don’t fall into the trap of ‘weighing down’ your hair on wash day because you need it to last the week. In fact, you can refresh the hair daily with a simple water spray to reactivate the products, then you may choose to scrunch in either free me cleanser or expand me to give you a little extra hydration hold. If you haven't tried a lighter product, now is the time!

💥 You should only ever wash with conditioner

Or co-washing as it’s also known. We beg to differ. If you miss that squeaky clean feel after washing with a regular shampoo (the ones that cause the fluff) try out free me cleanser. This zingy, curl quenching creamy cleanser washes away the day's impurities sans the toxic load.  Wavy, curly, coily use me to cleanse your scalp, detangle and hydrate hair. Pair it with a vigorous scalp massage to remove any build up, get the blood flow going and start fresh!

💥 All frizz is bad

This one keeps us awake at night. As a curly hair specialist, I know that many of my clients love big hair and guess what gives you volume? You guessed it- a bit of frizz. Follow your usual Crown Curly routine, then once your hair is dry it's time to add volume. Don’t be afraid to play with the roots of your hair, fluff it up a little, or try breaking up a ‘clump’ into smaller sections to add volume. You can even try pulling out your curls to expand the curls.  Your curls will pop back, they are more robust than you might think!

💥 You can never use heat

At Crown Curly we celebrate individuality and the essence of what makes you! If you want to get a blow dry, yes you can still sit with us. But let's talk damage control: on your next wash day add in some extra moisture with an extra helping of TLC. Make sure you spend some time putting the moisture back in. Are you hearing the ‘milking’ sound as you work Treat me through the individual sections of your hair? Or use the ‘bowl method’ where you collect the water as you ‘rinse out’ your conditioner to re-pour over your hair as much as you desire for added hydration. Top Tip on using heat to diffuse your hair: the higher the heat the more fluff you may get, start on low and then go higher to add more volume. 

💥 Everyone has to have the same haircut

In Helen’s words, ‘absolutely bloody not!’ Knowing that you have a curly hair specialist can really take the stress out of going for a haircut — we’ve all been there! We love to experiment with styles and colour. Check your hairdressers socials— are there pictures of curly hair and natural texture? Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want or even take in your own products. You know your hair best. If your hairdresser is looking to learn more about cutting curls let them know about my online course launching soon! 

Top tip- If you have colour in your hair did you know you can mix your purple shampoos into free me cleanser in between visits to your salon!

💥 No brushing!

Well this one we kind of agree with, but in fact brushing through the hair with a generous helping of the creamy free me cleanser feels so good!!! What a quick and effective way to detangle and get rid of all the dead hair (that doesn't naturally fall out like straighter textures). You’re now ready to condition with treat me.

💥 You need to use loads of product

You will be shocked at how long the Crown Curly products last. As curlies we are so used to piling on the product, but try going for a smaller helping on your next wash and see what works for you. One of Helen’s Crown Curly commitments is to develop a refillable, sustainable, natural curly hair product range. Made here, in a small family-run lab in Melbourne, fulfilling her needs to give back to the community we live in. And we are so glad she has because we just love them! 

It’s true we are tempted to throw away the rule book when it comes to curly hair because who wants to be restricted when it comes to your beautiful crown! But you don’t have to be a curly hair specialist to know how you like to treat your hair. If you haven’t tried our experiential curly hair care, this might be your time. With a serve of mindfulness, each bottle has its own self love affirmation. Mindfully making a difference to you, your curls, and the planet. Designed and created thoughtfully by curl lovers in Melbourne. Shop Now!