Your Invitation to the Crown Curly Self Love Club!

Your Invitation to the Crown Curly Self Love Club!

Let’s talk Love Languages— what’s yours?

Well, good news, if you're a bit extra (like us) we've got you covered with our range of curly hair products and good news is the bundle is still live, just for you! Self-love treat anyone? Crown Curly, ticks all the boxes when it comes to the a self-love movement. It's more than just wash day, but use them to their full potential, for maximum self-loving moment to be remembered! It’s time for a self-love ‘me party’ and you’re the VIP! 

Words of Affirmation:

‘Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts’ as you know we love a good affirmation at Crown Curly, in fact each pouch of our hair products come with its own self-love affirmation, but did you know there’s science behind it!? We’ve been story seekers since we were children, eyes light up, and dopamine receptors start firing when we reminisce over old memories of story time. We’d even go as far to say stories are what make the world go round! Make sure yours are full of kind, encouraging, and positive words. It’s time to remind yourself, you are loved.

Acts of service:

Of course, sometimes action speaks louder than words. Acknowledge that sometimes curly hair might require a little more love than a regular wash and wear. Whether your routine is as simple as a quick cleanse and detangle or more complex. Make a commitment to yourself to think about your hair health and follow it through. Book in regular trims, do a deep condition treatment or remind yourself to treat your curls with care. When you show yourself the commitment you deserve, you get to reap the rewards that come with it!


We bet you love giving gifts as much as you love receiving them, but at the end of the day it's not about the thing, it's about the love, thought and care that goes into it. Gift yourself a beautiful hair experience with every wash, refresh or curl styling session. Caring about the ingredients that nurture your hair is a gesture that you value and cherish your curls!

Quality Time:

We’ve spoken before about the intentional hair routine (read more here) but you can really make a date of it! Light a candle, brew your favourite herbal tea (or pour a glass of bubbles!) , put on your best self-love playlist and get into it! Clean pj’s and a freshly made bed may be the perfect end to the perfect night in with you and your curls!

Physical Touch:

Have you tried the power of self massage? Foster your own sense of belonging by stroking and massaging your skin, body, and curls in a relaxing bath or invigorating shower.  There's no prescription for how this looks; it's completely up to you to choose your own ritual. For scalp health and blood flow, we love to massage in the free me cleanser into the scalp and feel that tingle, uplifting and cleansing. Then massage in the creamy free me conditioner and rake through the hair with fingers, drenching each curl with hydration from the inside out.  Secure in the knowledge that the ingredients washing over you are gentle, from nature.
Whatever your love language, there is a way to practice deep self-compassion and patience in your curly hair routine. It's a journey and some days go better than other, but as the great Maya Angulou said- “your crown has been bought and paid for- put it on your head and wear it’. 
We love you,
Crown Curly 

How to use Expand Me- Curl Maker:

After conditioning (with treat me) rinse out to your hair type
Option- blot or plop hair with a cotton/jersey or hair towel (removing the right amount of moisture to suit you) this is really a personal preference but generally avoid rubbing vigorously with a towel that will end in frizz
Apply all over hair with ‘prayer hands’ and then scrunch into curls NOTE apply as soon as possible to ‘set your curl’ to avoid frizz
Think of this as a lightweight gel to aerate curls into their own unique form 
Say the affirmation out loud ‘I am open to expansion and breathe life into my dreams’
PS, why don't we shampoo our curls? Quite frankly, we are only about the positives in curly hair care, but just to give you the down low, we opt not to shampoo our curly hair. Why? Most shampoos have similar ingredients to your dishwash soap - watch out for SLS, SLES, parabens, sulfates and ‘cones'. Nobody needs that! We believe in hydration hold - free me cleanser doesn’t just give you that clean feeling, its potent botanicals to refresh your hair and give the added benefits of hydration and hold. Use in between washes as a refresh and encourage curl.  This zingy, curl quenching creamy cleanser rids away the day's impurities sans the toxic load!