Mastering your curly hair method to fall, and stay, in love with your curls

Mastering your curly hair method to fall, and stay, in love with your curls

It's true, we’ve got a thing for curls. It runs deep and strong. We aren't a one size fits all curly hair method here at Crown Curly, and we’ll not even give you a hard time if you decided to get a blow dry occasionally. We truly believe in ‘you do you’ especially when it comes to cultivating better curls. “I became a curly hair specialist because it (kind of) chose me, but looking back we are the perfect fit.  I love the uniqueness of curls, every curl is different, just looking for the right curly hair method to thrive. I get to meet so many interesting, unique characters in my chair and I learn from each one.” says Helen. But it got us thinking— how do you master your own curly hair method?

So we asked a group of our lovely customers who (or what has helped) you in falling, and staying, in love with your crown of curls, and we’re happy to share the results— maybe you’ll find something to incorporate into your own curly hair method. Buckle up for the top five:

Finding a curly hair specialist:  

“Finding a hairdresser that would be free with me, never scared and willing to learn with me along my curly hair journey.” says Amy. Finding a curly hair specialist you can rely on is a gamechanger. I know my curly hair clients have been exposed to some awful treatment in the chair, and that's part of the reason I decided to launch the Crown Curly Crusade (an online course to teach hairdressers how to cut curly hair). Do your research when looking for a curly hair dresser. Do they have pictures of natural texture on their Instagram? I love to share my amazing curly clients on my socials and you’ll feel more comfortable if you know they share your passion for curls.

Hydration. And lots of it.

Along with ditching the shampoo, the key to lovesome curls is hydration hydration hydration! Once you get this concept, it is revolutionary! You have unlearned everything conventional you knew about hair, and you’ve replaced it with the golden ticket item: hydration! That's why our Crown Curly Products are bursting at the seams with natural moisturisers and humectants to help lock moisture in. 

Embracing Individuality: no one has your curls. You can look at a million Pinterest posts, but no one person has your exact same pattern, am I right? Yes, look for inspiration but don’t think the key is magically working out your curl type and then knowing what will work.  This is your journey, and we love this beautiful world because it's made up of so much uniqueness! You can look at similar hair types and see what crown curly products might work for you using our product matchmaker, we love the process of experimentation to see what works for you. But as Virginia explains, it's when you embrace your uniqueness that you get the best results: “I love that my curls are quirky and have a personality. It has made me take care of my hair more. It needs nourishment, care and good products”

Try the Intentional Curly Hair Method 

Switching up the way you think about wash day can enhance your experience and your curls! If you have tried our experiential curly hair care, we hope you enjoy the serve of mindfulness with each bottle with its own self love affirmation. It's a reminder to be kind (and patient) with yourself and your curls. Wash away the worries and open yourself up to a cleansing moment to re-energise and re-invigorate. For you and your curls! Visualise your crown of curls, and the happy, confident you rocking them!

Seeking (and becoming) curly hair icons 

We’ve mentioned the incessant scrolling on Pinterest in an attempt to find your curly hair twin (we’ve all been there) and it's true there’s so much information out there it's easy to become your own curly hair specialist. We firmly believe that you know your hair better than anyone, but positive role models with curly hair are so important in your relationship with your curls. Our gorgeous customer Cate tells us, ‘I fell in love with my curls because my granddaughter has curly hair and I wanted her to love it. So I started to educate myself, so she had a curly role model!’.  For Helen, she loves Heather Small, lead singer of 90s greats M-people, an icon not just because of curls but also her positive and inspirational messages about individualism and acceptance through her music. Listen. Have you got a curly hair icon? We’d love to hear! 

How to use Treat me Conditioner:

  1. After cleansing (with free me) use a 50c piece size blob of conditioner (try it- a little goes along way! You can always adjust how much you use next wash)
  2. Spread between two hands and smooth down (and through) the hair using ‘prayer hands’ (two flat palms with hair sandwiched between) always smoothing down the hair shaft
  3. Rake through to spread the product and detangle hair (fingers, comb, brush) whatever method YOU like
  4. Rinse hair to your liking- options are scrunch water (upwards) into the hair with cupped hands, leaving some product in the curls, or switch to cool water and rinse, or try the bowl method (rising hair in a bowl and using the rinsed water to scrunch back up into the curls)
  5. Can also be used as a leave in
  6. Don’t forget to say out loud ‘I am brimming with energy and overflowing with possibilities.’