Summer Curly Hair Tips with Crown Curly

Summer Curly Hair Tips with Crown Curly

Tips for Summer Curls with Crown Curly

We sat down with Crown Curly founder Helen Thomson to chat all things summer, and there’s a few curly hair and mindfulness tips you need to get you through the holidays. Good news: it may be easier to incorporate into your day than you think! 

Summer swims

There’s nothing like a dip in the ocean to calm the crazy that the silly season seems to bring, but how do you protect your curls? Helen chats us through a few ways you can protect your curls from chlorine, salt water and the drying sun. 

  1. Before you swim (beach or pool) soak your hair first.  Curly hair is thirsty hair, so saturating it with fresh water before you swim makes it less likely to take in chlorine/salt water
  2. Add our crown curly treat me conditioner as a leave-in to protect your hair. Think of this as a  hydrating mask for your hair that will act as a barrier between your hair and the drying effects of chlorinated/salt water
  3. After you swim, wash the chemicals out with cleansing free me but if you are off out on a post swim brunch just scrunch some of this into wet hair to give you a freshen up and a bit of added hold, you can wash it later! 

Not so close to the ocean? ‘I love to take a bath in epsom bath salts or magnesium salts.  There are so many beautiful salts to choose from out there ‘Pile your hair up on your head and soak deep into a bath and watch your worries float away.’

We know that sometimes you have to book in time for self-care and during the summer season, and it’s not always easy. We believe it's an important daily task to take a moment to yourself but it doesnt need to be an elaborate task or something else to add to your to do list.  ‘I keep my Crown Curly free me cleanser at an eye level shelf in my shower and even if I’m not washing my hair that day I keep in my mind the affirmation I free myself and watch my worries wash away. I love how when you practise mindfulness it's almost like muscle memory.  Our brains are so smart and you can feel the benefits of it just by imagining it!’

Wellbeing Reset 

Summer is the time for health kicks, right?  And although we don’t believe in crazy fads, we do believe in good changes for life. I’d love you to think about hydration for your hair and your health. Drink to hydrate from the inside out, and think about adding hydration to your hair on the daily.  Whether you’re a weekly washer or more regularly you can also add water and product to your hair in layers rather than piling a ton of heavy product on your hair on wash day.  A spritz of lavender water all over the hair then gently scrunching in your choice of free metreat me, expand me or hold me to reinvigorate, de-fluff and hydrate your curls.  

When you are looking for something a little tastier than water, I head straight to my favourite green smoothie recipe

Making Mindful Moments 

During the summer holidays, we know it may feel more like stealing mindful moments, but you are still worthy of them! We’re all about multitasking and we’d love to talk you through how to get the most out of each of our Crown Curly products. This month we’re all over the Free Me Cleanser for its cleansing and freeing vibes.

  1. Start by setting your intention: this moment can be more than washing your hair, it can be an opportunity to release and reset. Lock that door, turn on some music or lose yourself the sounds of the running water
  2. Tilt your head back and let the shower water flow over you saturating your hair
  3. Take a small amount of free me cleanser and re-read the affirmation I free myself and watch my worries wash away
  4. Spread the creamy cleanser between your two hands and apply with a focus on your scalp 
  5. Close your eyes and massage into the scalp breathing in and out slowly enjoying this process 
  6. You’ll start to feel the detangling magic happen and you may feel the tingle on your scalp you’ll smell the lemon myrtle and cleansing menthol 
  7. When you're ready, tilt your head back in the shower water and rinse your hair and allow your worries to wash away. Follow up with treat me.

Embrace your Individuality with Crown Curly 

However you choose to do the holidays, whether its off grid camping or hibernating at home, we hope you find some time for rest, relaxation and restoring yourself.  Catching a mindful moment while you wash your hair always gives us a boost when we need it. We believe you know your hair better than anyone and no method is one size fits all.  You can mix and match our natural products to best suit your curly hair. We’d love to hear from you if there’s something missing that you’d love to add to your routine?  Let us know.

Would you love to find out more? Our blog crown curly for life is all about curl tips, the good things in life and more. Positive vibes only! Dive in. If you'd like to learn more about our refillable curly hair products sign up to download our product matchmaker and shop now.

With your curls and the environment in mind, together we are consciously making waves in the future of curly hair care.