Summer Curl Tips

Summer Curl Tips

When summer is coming in hot, and we are here to remind you that it’s your time to shine! Work hard, play hard, and remember to care for your curls in this Aussie summer.

Here’s our top tips for summer swims and the best ways to protect your curls:

  • Before you swim (beach or pool) soak your hair first. Curly hair is thirsty hair, so saturating it with fresh water before you swim makes it less likely to take in chlorine/salt water
  • Add Crown Curly Conditioner as a leave-in to protect your hair. Think of this as a hydrating mask for your hair that will act as a barrier between your hair and the drying effects of chlorinated/salt water
  • After you swim, wash the chemicals out with our shampoo or cleanser but if you are off out on a post swim brunch try scrunching cleanser into wet hair to give you a freshen up and a bit of added hold, you can wash it later!

Summer is the time for health kicks, right? And although we don’t believe in crazy fads, we do believe in good changes for life.

Take a moment to think about hydration for your hair and your health. You drink to hydrate from the inside out, you can also think about adding hydration to your hair on the daily.

Whether you’re a weekly washer, or more regularly, you can add water and product to your hair in layers rather than piling a ton of heavy product on your hair on wash day.

Try a spritz of lavender water all over the hair then gently scrunching in your choice of cleanser, conditioner, or gels to reinvigorate, de-fluff and hydrate your curls.