Getting Back to Basics with your Curly Hair Method

Getting Back to Basics with your Curly Hair Method

Chances are when you started with your curly hair journey, you might have felt a little overwhelmed. There's so much info out there now, researching the curly hair method can be confusing. We’d love to talk you through some basics when it comes to making the most of your curls.

Creating your own curly hair method 

Hydration is your friend

Curly hair is drier than its straight counterparts due to the shape and structure of the hair shaft. Oils from the scalp can’t make it down to the ends of the hair shaft, often leaving the hair drier than what you need for a healthy head of curls. Your curl type will decide how much moisture your hair needs and is something you can mix up when working out your personal curly hair method. As a general rule, the curlier your hair, the more moisture it can take. All of our products are super hydrating so you with ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut water and more they pack the punch in the hydration stakes. 

Ditch the shampoo — and the co-wash! 

This may have come as a shock but one of the first things we learn when starting your curly hair method is to ditch the shampoo or use a conditioner to wash. Shampoos can strip curly hair off that much needed moisture leavening a thirty and frizzy finish. While using a co-wash might still leave a build up and lack-lustre finish.  Our hair cleanser is the happy medium with its super fresh ingredients leaving the scalp feeling invigorated and hair hydrated.  

Choose your conditioner wisely

A quick Google will provide you with a long ‘red list’ when it comes to ingredients to avoid in your curly hair method. While we aren’t about shouldn’t at crown curly, we agree that all conditioners aren’t made equally. Conditioner is jam packed full of hydrating and nourishing ingredients, hand picked for their moisturising properties. Leave in or wash out for its frizz smoothing properties, and hair is left visibly smoother. You can even scrunch some extra conditioner in on the days following wash day to add a little extra hydration.

Styling tips

Applying your products to wet curls will give you the best chance to clump your curls together and give them the hydration hold you need. Think about the direction you apply your products. If you love volume, apply your gel in the direction you want your hair to sit. If you like volume, apply your products around the crown upwards and outwards. Don't like volume? Apply the products in a downwards motion. You can also stretch the curl to give you additional length and correct shrinkage (when your curl bounces up) 

How to do this? Two of the most common methods of styling are prayer hands, smoothing a section of your curls between two hands with product coating the hair. Followed by scrunching cupping the hair up to encourage it back into a curl. Repeat this all over the head ensuring all sections are covered. You may also like to try using a denman brush to help clump curls. We love hydrating curl gel for this technique, as the slip is perfect for this curly hair method. 

Drying tips 

Experiment to see what works best for your curly hair method. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel, but gently wrap your hair in a smooth hair towel, bamboo,  or cotton tee shirt to blot off excess water prior to applying product. Or you might like to apply your product to soaking wet hair. After applying your product you can leave your hair to dry naturally, diffuse or go for a drive with the car blowers on! Whatever method you choose, try not to touch hair until your hair is dry, then you can get in there to scrunch out the crunch (SOTC). Use your hands to scrunch the hair all over to soften the curls, which will still be in their unique curl pattern thanks to hold me gel.

Tip—Love volume? To add volume, point the nozzle into the roots of the hair after it’s diffused and add light curl creme at this stage to rough it up with a textured feel.

What are your top tips for your unique curly hair method?  We hope this got you up to speed on our curly hair basics. Remember to tweak it to suit you. Plus you can shop our whole range right here.