Why we aren’t trending at Crown Curly…

Why we aren’t trending at Crown Curly…

Textured hair is having a moment— again. If you're anything like us, you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief when you see curly hair is ‘in’ again. 

Guess again! We believe in Crown Curly for life!

Embracing your individuality, your uniqueness, and the essence of you.  That's trending, and always will be. We are happy that more and more people are embracing their curls, ditching the shoulda woulda coulda of hair norms— and the straighteners with it. There’s nothing more freeing than letting your locks flow! 

But if you aren't quite there yet, we’ve got you. There's a bit of fear that comes with taking that big leap into all-out-love-yourself-curls. We completely get it, so here’s our top five tips for having heart when it comes to your hair. 

Take time for a loving hair wash practise.

Our crown curly crew tell us all about their renewed wash day feels when using hair cleanser - the smell is uplifting, you’ll feel your scalp tingling, and when you pair with its loving affirmation “I free myself and watch my worries wash away” you can really re-set even if you are feeling a little of those winter worries getting on top of you.

Trust in the ingredients to support you and your curls.

Gentle on the planet, our sensitive skins and our stunning curls has always been our priority. Aloe features heavily in our product range, as a natural humectant it grabs and holds onto hydration plumping out the hair shaft and giving the scalp a little TLC too. Think about a well-balanced scalp sans itch and flakes. Take time to work this into the scalp, giving yourself a releasing head massage in the process.


It's almost cathartic getting out those knots and tangles that are so common in natural texture. When we don't brush daily, hair fallout builds up in curly texture, meaning it's harder to ‘shed’ hair. Hence, why there's a bit of fallout in detangling. We highly recommend pairing it with a great playlist and a dance in the shower to knock out any funky vibes. Whatever your method - brush, finger, comb add a generous helping of conditioner to support your hair through the process.

Add hydration hold.

If the thought of setting your curls free gives you mild palpitations we’ve got you. Years of conditioning has us thinking we should be ‘taming’ our curls, that they are ‘unruly’ or something else which doesn’t quite appreciate their sheer magic! In fact, hydrating curl gel and light curl creme are the ticket to soft defined curls if you are wondering what one of our gels will suit you better - head for light curl creme to help create curl and unleash your natural curl pattern or hydrating curl gel for added hold when your curls need it.

Fresh finish.

The rules with our curly hair products are there are no rules! We believe in mix and match, multitasking/multi use - here's a few ways to maximise our range. Add a scrunch of hair cleanser into dampened hair as a quick refresh on day ⅔ hair, scrunch in light curl creme to add a bit of texture to dry hair, use a dollop of conditioner in swavy hair as a deep conditioning treatment.